Tea time for Celine

My girlfriends were awesome once again and came up with a fun little mini-baby shower for my number two – tea time at La Duni. It was a small affair with the ladies and their moms, which was so perfect. I had such a nice afternoon and was shocked that they also gave me presents – the time together was wonderful in and of itself! But of course I’ll always accept beautiful, thoughtful gifts for my babies any day. =)

We had finger food and yummy desserts, which we all dug into. There was also a beautiful flower arrangement that I am currently trying not to immediately kill – hydrangeas are so hard to keep alive! Between my black thumb and Nietzsche thinking they’re cat food, we’ll see how far they get. I handed a tulip to Louise when I got home and even she nibbled on it.
Baby shower 2_1

These girls…love them.
Baby shower 2_Carlie shannon Baby shower 2_Errins

All the ladies!
baby shower 2_group

Of course, the second I got home and started unpacking everything Louise made a beeline for the blanket Mrs. Tapp gave me. I have a feeling Celine’s things will be Louise’s and Louise’s things will be Louise’s. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. =)
baby shower 2_blanket

All in all it was a lovely Sunday afternoon and I am once again so grateful to have these women as friends!


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