31 weeks

Things are just peachy!


(Sorry, I was in my pj’s already and couldn’t bring myself to change)

Celine is kicking more and more these days, to the point where it affects how I can sit. Since she’s so low, I can also feel it when she kicks my bladder. It’s pretty crazy.

Mike and I are getting more done on the organization front – it’s weird to not have a real room for her (we’re still looking for a house), but I know it will work out in the short-term. We’re rearranging his office to be able to put most of her stuff, and brand new babies aren’t in their cribs or anything anyway, so we’re not super concerned. We are putting a bunch of stuff in storage to get it out of the way (and to prep for our real move) so that will be helpful.

I’m starting to get to the point where some maternity clothes don’t fit. Even though I’m definitely weighing less than the first time around, the belly is still big! Luckily though, at my sonogram today, they took some measurements and Celine is not tracking as big as Louise. This means I have choices for delivery – we decided to go ahead and schedule a Cesarean on my due date, and if Celine comes earlier I’ll try for a regular delivery. We’ll see how it works out!


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