32 weeks

Made it!


I always have 32 weeks in the back of my head when pregnant because that’s the earliest a baby has a chance of surviving outside the womb. Not that I’m high risk or anything, but it means our chances of meeting this baby regardless of any crazy circumstances is much higher. It makes me happy. ūüôā

Total weight gain/loss? Between 26-28 pounds
Exercise: Pssh.
Maternity clothes?¬†Absolutely. Having a long torso means it’s hard to find tops that are tunic length, but I really try to find them so I can wear leggings instead of actual pants.
Best moment this month:¬†Having my mom and Mike at the sonogram while they checked the baby’s size. She was sticking out her tongue and being a cutie…and she’s not as big as Louise so that was great to hear as well!
Worries:¬†Starting to remember how little sleep I got with Louise. And I’m already starting to stress out about breastfeeding…
Miss anything:¬†Being nimble. I’m not as fast of a walker these days, bending over is a challenge, and I get out of breath pretty easily.
Food cravings: I think ice cream, or just dairy in general.
Symptoms:¬†Getting up to pee quite a bit at night, and I’ll get exhausted quickly and without notice. I’ll be on my computer at home and then realize I passed out for 5-10 minutes. The crazy dreams are back, too.
Happy or Moody:¬†Pretty happy and excited, although my patience is getting shorter and shorter. I mentioned to Mike the other day that I’ve noticed things annoy me more easily recently, and he gave me a look that said “oh, you think?” I’m trying to take some deep breaths before reacting!

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