Regular days

Not much is happening in the Haydel household right now, which is clearly apparent in my lack of posting. Here are a couple of Louise pics from my (new, finally!) phone to bridge some of the gap.

1.20.14 Louise in blackFor some reason it’s been hard for me to match this sweater to anything, so I just threw on all black and called it a day. She’s wearing mary jane socks underneath her mary janes because of course.

1.20.14 PurseMy mom got me a purse (some not-so-subtle hinting that maybe my current one needs a break), and Louise slung it on her shoulder, said “bye-bye” to Mike and me and attempted to walk out the front door. At least she knows to bring a purse with her?

1.20.14 Nap timeLouise does this super-cute thing where she takes her changing pad, lays it on the floor and pretends to use it as a nap mat. She thinks it’s really funny and demands that I put a blanket over her and pat her rump while saying “night night” (if I don’t pat her rump she’ll reach back and pat it while giving me a pointed look). Then she’ll pop up enthusiastically, like – just kidding, I wasn’t really sleeping!! If you do not play along she gets frustrated. It’s a serious game of nap time. I wonder what she’ll think when we’re using that changing pad for Celine…


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