21 months

Our toddler.


She has such a little personality. She is doing some really cute stuff now like sleeping with her stuffed animals that just kills me. She’s also talking more – we’re trying to figure out if her speech is delayed due to her ear problems, and we noticed that after she got her ears suctioned at the ENT doctor (a traumatic experience for both her and me), she immediately started babbling more. I just wish we could figure out the ear/sickness thing once and for all and move forward!


Grammy and Grumps came in town to visit and Louise just soaked it up. She’s always been partial to Grumps but this time she spent an equal amount of time courting Grammy. I think she remembers Grammy taking care of her when she had pneumonia. Either way, it is always great to see her spending time with her grandparents!


She’s started “reading” books on her own which we think is cute. She knows the sounds to a lot of the pages in her books and looks at us proudly after saying them. She also likes to point certain things out in each one of her books. Above she’s being a monkey and below she’s an elephant.


She’s finally letting me mess with her hair – putting it in pigtails, adding barrettes. It’s getting so long and scraggly I might have to break and take her to get her first haircut.


It’s crazy that this is the last month or two before she’s no longer an only child. She better live it up!


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