Maternity session

One of my biggest regrets with having Louise was that I didn’t get professional newborn photos taken of her. I was planning on asking my brother Taylor to take some, but time just slipped away from me. This time around I knew that I wanted to get a “first year” session booked so I would have the newborn session on the books, along with a sitting up session, a crawling/standing session, and a birthday session.

Our go-to photographer recently moved to Tulsa, and although she still comes back frequently (which is great since we’ll most likely still use her for our spring and holiday sessions), it wasn’t as conducive to something like a newborn session that is typically done pretty quickly after the baby is born. I decided to go back to the photographer we used for our 2012 holiday photos, Melissa Fullmer, whom I LOVED. One of the perks of booking a first year session with her is she throws in a maternity session for free. I was a little apprehensive about a maternity session for a second pregnancy, but since a) it was free and b) my belly and weight are smaller and therefore cuter this time around, I decided to go for it!

The maternity session with Louise was outdoors and taken by Taylor. I love those pictures, but didn’t want to do the same thing again. I had pinned this maternity session as inspiration and Melissa did a fabulous job of pulling from it. I am so happy with the results! The only bad thing is that I am now paying for more photos than I planned because I want so many. =)

All of these photos are property of Melissa Fullmer.

06_Me and Louise 11_Looking up 14_Lying down looking at camera 25_Sitting looking at belly 30_Sitting hands looking at belly 32_Looking out window 33_Lying on back looking at camera 37_Propped looking at camera 38_Profile 40_Close up 41_Mike and me 48_Me and Mike
50_Family 353_Family 54_Family 2 56_Mike and Louise 59_Propped with blanket 63_Belly shot


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