Well…it finally happened. We bought a house!!

7043 Merriman_front

Well, we’re under contract. Close enough.

It’s felt like forever but in reality it took about five months to find the right one. We had a pretty specific list of what we wanted: a one-story house, no pool, four bedrooms, ideally two living areas, decently-sized bathrooms and closets, and located in a few specific areas in Dallas that had good elementary schools. Luckily we found one that fit all of that criteria, plus hasn’t been updated since it was built in 1973 (we want to do the updates ourselves and not pay for updates we’d change anyway). The market moves so fast these days that it went up for sale on a Friday afternoon and by Sunday evening we had an approved offer. What a whirlwind!

We are so excited to be Lake Highlands residents and are both excited and terrified to start remodeling. The crazy thing is we close at the end of February and start remodeling immediately after, and the baby is due March 17. So we’ll be remodeling a house and dealing with a newborn all at the same time. Ah well, I’m sure it will work out. Good thing I’ll be on maternity leave so I can go by the house every day!

Although we have plans to change most things in the house, we aren’t going crazy with our wish list. We want the normal things – updated kitchen and bathrooms – but we’re also updating the floors throughout (carpet in bathrooms really isn’t our speed), and it still has popcorn ceilings which have got to go. Luckily this house has been meticulously maintained – it’s almost a shame to rip out the old stuff, but we’re just not into Formica countertops regardless of how pristine they are – so we’re crossing our fingers that we get to spend our money on the fun stuff and not, like, replacing rotted beams or adding insulation or something.

AHH it’s so exciting!!

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