Louise, and the sick

It’s no surprise that Louise is constantly sick. Her first year of life was pretty healthy, but once she turned one and we threw her in day care, illness was omnipresent. A cold, or a virus, or hand, foot & mouth…it was always something. We chalked it up to day care and powered through.

Then she started getting ear infection after ear infection. We would literally finish the ten-day antibiotic treatment and the next day she’d get another one. We cycled through every single antibiotic but things just weren’t getting better. After visiting the ENT doctor, we decided to move forward with surgery for ear tubes and hoped that would be the answer to our problems.

It was not. She continues to get sick all the time. Her pneumonia episode in December was thought to be caused by inhaling some vomit from yet another virus she contracted, but it could have been something else – they just don’t know. She recovered from that but hasn’t been able to have the follow up hearing test after her tubes surgery (in OCTOBER) because her ears have not been clear since then. We have tried antibiotic ear drops, Zyrtec, Nasonex, more oral antibiotics, and suctioning her ears to try to get things to clear up. The ENT doc thought it may be allergies (he has asked me about seven times if either Mike or I have allergies…I kind of want to ask him if he writes things down?) but now he’s thinking she just has a major sinus issue that hasn’t cleared up for…oh, four months.

So at this point we’re doing: ear drops, Nasonex, adding Afrin, and she’s on oral antibiotics. We’re going back to the ENT in two weeks to see if she’s cleared up.

I’m just really hoping we can move past the Great ENT Illness of Louise’s Second Year and have a healthy kid.


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