35 weeks

Home stretch! And I couldn’t be more ready!


The good thing about this pregnancy is I’m doing much better in terms of weight gain…not that I’ve really been trying!! I still enjoy ice cream almost daily and cookies are another sweets weakness. However most of my actual meals are pretty decent, which I don’t think was the case the first time around. I’m hovering right at a 30-33 pound weight gain, which gives me hope that I’ll stay within my goal of gaining 40 pounds or less by the end of this. I’m still fitting into pants that I grew out of with Louise so I know things haven’t gone completely off the rails. It’s a good feeling.

I have been craving water like a crazy person though. It’s weird. I also get cramps on the bottom right side of my belly if I walk too fast, which I think is mostly because she’s sitting so low.

We are on the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of preparedness in the house versus baby #1. I think by this point with Louise I had two diaper bags and the hospital bag packed, her nursery was complete, and I had all electronics charged and ready to go. Poor Celine doesn’t even have a room, I haven’t set up any of her things like the swing or play mat (Louise would just destroy them anyway), and I assume either Mike or my parents can bring whatever I need to the hospital and so I haven’t even thought about packing a bag. Oh well…I’m sure it will work out!


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