36 weeks

O-ver-it. I’m just over being pregnant!


Celine is so much lower than Louise, which is good for things like heartburn but bad for things like cramping. Mike and I are usually fast walkers and I just can’t do it without stopping to relieve the pain in my sides. I’m also getting grouchier…I think I need to take it easy and not go-go-go. It’s hard being nine months pregnant with a toddler!

Mike’s been awesome as usual, cooking meals and picking up some slack with Louise. I’m trying to maintain my 50% workload with Lou, knowing that I’ll need more help AFTER Celine is born.

Nine months
Total weight gain:
35-36 pounds. Probably need to curb the sweets-eating if I’m going to stay within 40 pounds, especially with the bloat coming on!
Exercise: Nope
Maternity clothes: I actually had to go buy more, which I didn’t want to do so late in the game, because Celine is sitting so low. Having a long torso makes it really hard to find tops that cover the entire belly!
Best moment this month: Although it’s such a pain sometimes, feeling her leg, arm, or rump moving around is one of my favorite parts of being pregnant.
Worries: Starting to think about giving birth…
Miss anything: Mobility
Food cravings: Water, water, water!
Symptoms: Side pain, mostly.
Happy or moody: Mostly happy, but starting to get a little grouchy!

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