On Our Merri Way: Finding the One

One Friday afternoon in late January, one week after our last failed offer, a house in Merriman Park Estates popped up. Mike and I took a look at the listing and immediately got hopeful. On paper it was everything we wanted…and we had gotten pretty good at deciphering the house listings to know whether or not it was worth our time. We set up an appointment for 9:30am Saturday morning.

Usually when we see a house, I tend to be on the optimistic side and Mike takes the critical angle. However, ten minutes into viewing this house, we both knew we were standing in “the one.”

  • We loved the layout – it wasn’t cookie cutter but it made sense and had a nice flow.
  • We loved the exterior – it was a one story brick house with a circle drive and an alley (and attached garage – crazy how NOT common that is), with a small-but-perfectly-sized yard and was less than 100 yards from the neighborhood park, not to mention White Rock Creek Trail. Plus it was on flat terrain – so many houses in this area were on sloped or hilly plots!
  • We loved the bones – we didn’t know it at the time, but the seller had taken immaculate care of the house and it was in fantastic shape for a 40-year old house.
  • We loved that it wasn’t updated – usually with these houses, something has been updated since it was built. Beyond things like carpet and vinyl flooring updates, this house was in its original condition.

Knowing that competition was fierce, we put in an offer about 3% over asking and adjusted a few things in our offer to make it more desirable to the seller. Since we put in the offer by noon on Saturday, we asked for a response by Sunday evening at 6pm. Six came and went and Mike and I were on pins and needles, assuming the worst (after three failed attempts we were trying to temper our expectations). Around 6:30 our Realtor called and told us our offer had been accepted! We were ecstatic and also a little panicked…we weren’t used to offers being accepted!

Our next steps were to get an inspection scheduled and start meeting with contractors. Luckily, Mike’s parents (who were supposed to have been in Dallas that weekend but their flight was cancelled) were set to come in the next weekend, so we could show all parents the house while we were still in our option period. The inspection went really well and both sets of parents loved the house. We knew we made the right decision but those two things just solidified it. We were thrilled to start thinking about renovations!


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