37 weeks

Say it with me: FULL TERM.


Something will definitely happen in the next three weeks…it’s just a waiting game at this point! I vacillate between being totally ready and thinking I could wait another four months. But it’s really not up to me, is it? There are no signs that anything will happen anytime soon though, so if I had to guess, we’re looking at another Cesarean on my due date (versus going into labor earlier).

It was a tough week since Mike and I were both busy at work and Louise had pneumonia. I’m hoping that things are a little calmer in these last few weeks before we meet Celine, but we close on our house this Thursday and start renovating in one week, so my wish may not come to fruition!

People just cannot help saying something to me about my belly. I had a woman screech to a stop in the middle of the street as I was crossing it to yell something out of her window. I think it was something nice but I couldn’t really hear what she said. I can tell when someone crosses my path and is about to say something – there’s a specific look they get on their face. The hardest this week was when someone wanted to chat about the baby in the elevator right after I found out that Louise had pneumonia. I was trying so hard not to cry and then had to throw on a happy face and talk about sonograms. I get that people just like talking about it and are being nice, but sometimes it’s difficult to always project the “happy mommy” vibe.


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