22 months

Another month, another bout of illness.

Luckily she hasn’t been as sick this time around, but she did have pneumonia again and has been randomly vomiting this past weekend (no fever, no other symptoms). Nevertheless, she is consistently in a great mood, is so, so fun to be around, and continues to develop her personality. She is throwing more tantrums but they’re more funny than anything else – they last for about twenty seconds and you can see her trying hard to ramp it up. Then she is easily distracted and moves on to the next thing.

Between the tantrums she giggles all the time, is getting clearer and clearer in saying and showing us what she wants, and is really understanding what we say to her. She’s slowly starting to string together two words, like “dada shoe,” “byebye Nee (Nietzsche),” or “more juice.” She’s not really enunciating well but we are optimistic that she will get better in the next few months. We were FINALLY able to get her hearing tested yesterday and she is good – so the tubes definitely helped with hearing. Now if we can get her well, we’re getting somewhere!

We’ve been using her high chair less and less for meals, and give most of them to her at her own little table. It actually helps her eat more because she can get up and take little breaks, but my hope is once we move to our house we’ll have dinner together. She does prefer to eat what we’re eating, from our utensils and plates.

She does this funny thing now where, if she can’t find something or someone, she holds her hands up and says the name of the person/thing in an inquisitive tone. So if we are leaving in the morning and can’t find Nietzsche to say byebye, she turns to me, palms up, and says “Nee?” If dad runs to the car in the evening she says “Dada?” With objects she babbles “Oh no?,” as in, she doesn’t know where it is.  It’s pretty adorable.

She’s really into the alphabet – we practice with foam letters in the tub and have two alphabet books – and her favorite letters are M, O, A, H, and above all, W. She recognizes most letters and can say probably a third of them without prompting from us, but man…she loves that W!


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