Early maternity leave

So, the universe decided to make a decision for us – mainly, when I would start my maternity leave.

Sunday morning Louise was exceptionally grumpy. Whenever she’s grumpy, it’s either because she didn’t get enough sleep or she is getting sick. Sure enough, she woke up from her afternoon nap with a fever.


Fevers are tricky because she can’t go back to day care for 24 hours after the fever breaks. She continued to have a fever throughout Monday (meaning she couldn’t go to day care until Wednesday at the earliest), and the doctor said although it was just a cold, the fever is most likely sticking around for three to five days.

I was surprised at how calmly I realized that a 3-5 day fever meant I would be taking my maternity leave starting this week. It would be silly for me to go back to work for 1-2 days before taking four months off. I can use those days to finalize the baby prep, go to the hospital to do the blood work and finalize preregistration, etc.

So here I am – luxuriously starting my four month maternity leave. Louise woke up at midnight, 4am, and 6:30am yesterday so I’m getting a kickstart on infant hours!


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