Celine’s birth story

At my 39 week appointment, I was still not showing any indication that I would be going into labor early. I was not dilated or effaced and was feeling completely normal. I assumed I wouldn’t be met with any surprises and that I’d have my Cesarean at noon on Monday the 17th as scheduled.

Dominique came to Dallas Sunday morning for a business trip, so we hung out with her for most of the day. After Louise’s afternoon nap, we lounged for a bit while Mike went to work out and then drove to Central Market to grab dinner. I felt a little off but not enough to actually question it – when I’ve felt off or weird during pregnancy I usually drink some water and eat something and I’m back to normal, so I decided to grab a water bottle at CM and things would be fine.

We spent about 30 minutes deciding what to eat from the prepared food section, and while we waited for our food I was spinning Louise around. Right after I bent over to put her down, I felt like I peed myself a little bit. I ran to the bathroom, assessed the situation, and decided it was just a little accident and nothing was happening. We moved to the checkout and I let Louise run around while Mike and Dominique paid for our things. It was about 7pm at this point. She started running out into the street and so I scooped her up. She was kicking and screaming as I carried her to the car, and then I handed her to Mike and put one foot in the car.


The “I think I peed myself” feeling came back, except there was actually liquid this time – all over my leggings and on the seat. I got out of the car and the movement caused some more action. Mike was busy putting Louise in the car seat and didn’t hear me the first couple of times I said “uh, Mike…?” Finally I yelled “MIKE I THINK SOMETHING IS HAPPENING” and got his attention. I panicked for a couple of seconds – did my water really just break in the Central Market parking lot? – and then calmed down, put one of Louise’s diapers on the seat, and told Mike we needed to get home quickly. He asked if we could run by Tom Thumb to get diapers for Louise, but after gauging Dominique and my faces he realized maybe we should just go home first. =)

Once we got home I called my doctor, who told me that she was pretty certain my water broke and that we needed to get to the hospital (but that it wasn’t a rush). I decided to take a shower while Mike finished packing, and Dominique was sweet enough to put Louise to bed and stay at our place for the night. Mike and I kissed Louise (last kiss as an only child…tear) and off we went to the hospital around 8:30. I was still leaking clear liquid pretty heavily and at this point was also starting to have contractions.

Oh and we took a quick pic as a family of three before we left:

Once we got to the hospital, they checked me in, confirmed my water had broken, and checked my progress. I was only dilated one centimeter and Celine was at a -3 station, which meant she was still as high up as possible. With that information (and with the increasingly uncomfortable contractions), I confirmed that I wanted to move forward with another Cesarean. Call me a wimp, but I was nervous about the pain, and that since my water had ruptured we only had 18 hours before they’d move forward with a Cesarean anyway. So that was that.

My doctor was the one on-call that weekend which worked out fabulously. We had the same anesthesiologist as with Louise too so it was a pretty comfortable, laid-back environment. Everyone had a good laugh about my water breaking story (my doctor one-upped me with a story about how her water broke while yelling at someone at the Target customer service counter) while they juiced me up. It took a little bit longer this time around since they have to cut through some scar tissue, but at 10:51pm they pulled out little Celine!


Right before they started surgery my doctor prodded around my belly and guessed that she was actually under eight pounds. She was right – Celine clocked in at seven pounds 14 ounces. My baby experience with Louise and Elliot (10lbs 1oz and 9lbs 4oz respectively) meant that Celine looked tiny! She ended up being longer than Louise though by half an inch. So a looong, skinny baby girl.

As they were cleaning her up and fixing me up, one of the nurses commented that she may have red hair. Mike and I perked up immediately and he went over to inspect. Sure enough…we have ourselves a redhead!
IMG_5091 IMG_5112

It was nice to have her in the evening since that first night counted as one of our three. My mom spent most of the day with me on Monday while Mike ran some errands and went home to take a nap. We allowed friends and other family to visit this time around which was nice – it helped pass the time for sure!


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