Pregnancy #2 wrap-up

I forgot to post this before Celine made her appearance!
Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 10.48.01 PM

When did I find out I was pregnant? Pretty early – around five weeks. We were not officially trying so I wasn’t really tracking as obsessively as with Louise. I didn’t think I was pregnant since I didn’t have any of the symptoms from pregnancy #1 (breast tenderness, aversion to foods/alcohol, exhaustion), but at the same time I knew I was late and that it was a possibility. Luckily we got through the Fourth of July!

Total weight gain/loss: My goal was to stay under forty pounds, and I almost did it. I think I gained about 43-44 pounds when all was said and done. Still happy since it’s under 200 pounds (I did NOT want to see my weight start with a two!) and 10+ pounds less than pregnancy #1. It will still be a commitment to get the weight off but that’s ok.
Exercise: I actually think I stopped running sooner this time around. By the second trimester I was pretty much done working out.
Emotions: Definitely rougher than the first time. The first trimester was exceptionally tricky – I was very emotional all the time. High highs and low lows. I stabilized in the second trimester and while I was a little grouchy in the third, it wasn’t bad at all.
Stretch marks: I got more this time, mostly in the lower central belly area since she’s sitting so low. Bleh.
Food cravings: Ice cream! Lots and lots of ice cream.
Sleep: The end of the third trimester has been tricky, but for the most part it was regular.
Swelling: Nope! Wore my rings all the way through and my feet aren’t really swollen either, which is great. I haven’t tried to slip on any heels so I can’t really confirm but all of my flats and boots are still good to go.
Random body activities: I did not really get heartburn this time around which was fantastic – I think it’s because Celine is carrying so low. I feel like she moves so much more than Louise did though, and is pokier – so it affects me more. I didn’t feel like Louise pushed on my bladder but Celine sure does!
Clothes: I wore quite a few regular clothes but still couldn’t live without my Old Navy maternity tanks and Gap Maternity demi-panel corduroys and jeans. I did have to buy a few ruched tanks and shirts late in the game because my belly was peeking out under my other maternity shirts. Having a long torso and carrying low made it really tough!
Nesting: This is a tricky one – I definitely think I was nesting, but it was channeled into our house search. I wanted a house for our babies! We don’t have a room for Celine so I have everything organized in our office, but I’m obsessing over the details of Celine’s future nursery in our new home. So…yes, and no.
Best moment:  I have the best friends and family who put together intimate psuedo-showers for me, which I was not expecting. They were all so sweet and thoughtful. I honestly thought we could get by with most of Louise’s stuff but Celine is definitely going to have her own wardrobe and things! Which is good…as a second girl I fully support minimal hand-me-downs.
Worst moment:  The stress our lives had during the pregnancy. Although it’s nice to get a lot of our big life changes over with at once, it definitely took its toll on our mental health. Mike graduated, looked for and got a job, and we searched for and bought a house (and started renovating) all during this pregnancy. Not to mention we have been dealing with Louise’s health issues for the past year. Obviously having a newborn is stressful but I can’t help thinking that at least we have been through it before and know what to expect!
Gender prediction: Everyone still guesses boy and doesn’t believe me when I tell them it’s a girl. I had a hotel employee tell me a pointed story about how her friend’s doctor thought it was a girl and it turned out to be a boy, to illustrate that she did not believe I was having a girl. Our cabinet guy at the house also said his dad was never wrong in predicting. I hate to break all of their hearts but sonograms are pretty accurate these days. Mike and I both thought it was a boy too though, since my pregnancy symptoms were so different and I am carrying so low. Just goes to show that each pregnancy is unique. Also the Chinese gender predictor has been right both times, so…
Baby size prediction: The sonogram tech guessed in the high 8’s – around 8lbs 14oz. I have a sneaking suspicion she will be over nine pounds, so my guess is 9lbs 2oz.

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