Celine’s first week

Things are going well!

The hospital stay didn’t feel as exhausting as the first time around. Mike got to take a couple of breaks – running errands or stopping by the apartment to take a nap – so I don’t think he was as restless either. Although my milk hadn’t come in, I had enough to feed Celine and so she mainly slept and ate. Minimal crying. It was great!
IMG_5077 IMG_5108 IMG_5091 IMG_5105 IMG_5132 IMG_5133

My parents brought Louise over to meet her sister. It went well – she was initially a little cold to Mike and me (I mean we ABANDONED HER for a couple of days like jerks), but she warmed up quickly and learned Celine’s name (“CeCe”) while giving her kisses and pats.
IMG_1274 IMG_5147 IMG_5149

Once we got home, we spent the rest of the week getting situated. Mike took the week off which was fantastic. He obviously ran all of the errands since I can’t drive and also kept the house in working order as I was tethered to the little one.
IMG_5159 IMG_5160 IMG_5162

We took Celine to her one week checkup and she was doing really well! She was slightly jaundiced but nothing major. Luckily my milk had come in so when we met with the lactation consultant, she said things were great. What a relief! Night and day from Louise.
IMG_5198 IMG_5210

Week one: success!


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