Celine Caler: week two

Well…I think our endorphins have calmed down a bit and we’re back to reality. Although Celine is still such a good baby, we’ve definitely moved on from the blissful beginning and are now in the real world!
IMG_5248 IMG_5283

Breastfeeding is still going well thank GOODNESS, and I’ve even been able to pump quite a bit which helps me if I want to have a cocktail or if Mike takes over for a bit. She sleeps really well but still wakes up every three hours or so to eat. Ever since we introduced the bottle (which she took without issue), it’s taken her a little longer to latch. I don’t know if they’re related but I sure wish she’d jump right on instead of being finicky for 3-5 minutes.

Mike’s mom spent the week in Dallas helping us out and it was so nice, especially since Mike was back at work. She basically did all of our chores around the house and played chauffeur to me since I still couldn’t drive. She also was a champion at smuggling massive amounts of food out of her hotel for us to eat for breakfast. Dr. Haydel joined her for the weekend and they had quality time with Louise at the Arboretum and got to spend time with Celine as well.
IMG_5293 IMG_5294

Celine is starting to be awake and alert much more, which I love. She looks at people like she’s trying to figure something out. It’s not the greatest when she finishes eating at 3am and wants to look around and be awake for an hour, but what the heck – I’ll allow it. (Like I have a choice!).
IMG_5291 IMG_5292

Mike was on baby duty this past Saturday night and quickly developed an appreciation for what I’m going through. With Louise our experience was totally different – Mike was in school and therefore had a really flexible schedule, so we took shifts sleeping (Louise was formula fed so pumping/breastfeeding wasn’t an issue) and were both here during the day. Being the sole manager of Celine overnight is definitely a different ballgame. He was in rough shape Sunday morning but pulled it together after two naps.
photo(2) copy

Things with Louise are a little tricky. She is interested in “Cece” and likes to touch her and talk about her, but she’s pretty rough and doesn’t like it when we tell her to be gentle. She also likes to hug and kiss Celine which doesn’t always end up well – she’ll lunge onto me and the baby for a hug and Celine will get flustered and start crying. Louise also has a runny nose which she’s already transferred to Celine. She loves stealing her pacifier (she never took a paci as a baby so not sure where this obsession is coming from) and likes to unwrap her to grab her feet and hands. I’m happy that she has positive feelings toward Celine but it’s definitely been a challenge for Mike and me to manage. Yesterday she was drinking her milk and walked over to me and spit out a mouthful on my leg. I know it’s been a hard transition for her to not have my full attention – especially since I haven’t been able to pick her up and Mike’s been covering her bathtime/nighttime duty – but that was not ok!

Overall though we’re still having a good time and are loving having two girls!


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