Celine: One month

We made it!


In a weird way, she feels like my first actual newborn since Mike is working and I’m breastfeeding. Add in Louise being in day care and I have a lot of one-on-one time with Celine during the week. It’s been nice, actually…I am definitely not stressed out or overwhelmed (for the most part), and the time has gone by quickly.

Celine has been great so far. Obviously she doesn’t do much except sleep, eat, poop and cry, but she hasn’t been particularly fussy and her spit-ups are so minimal they barely exist. Her days (and nights) tend to go in a cycle:

  • Sleep, usually for about 3 hours but can be as little as 2 or up to 4.
  • Wake up, change diaper, nurse. I usually can get her to nurse on both sides but sometimes she just wants one.
  • “Play,” which means looking around, holding her head up, kicking her legs and moving her arms. I try to do tummy time or stick her in the play mat, but that lasts for five minutes maximum.
  • Fuss. When it gets close to sleepytime again, she gets a little fussy and usually likes to be carried around and rocked. I’ve been trying to introduce her to the Moby wrap but she’s not really having it.
  • Annnnnd back to sleep!

One month stats:

  • Weight (unofficial): 10 lbs (up two pounds, two ounces from birth)
  • Clothes: Still in newborn/0-3 month sizes
  • Diapers: Size 1
  • Food: Only breastmilk. Pretty proud of this one actually…about two and a half weeks in, I had a blocked milk duct on my left side and the nipple started deteriorating. I pretty much fully panicked, thinking I was going down the same road with mastitis, injured nipples, etc. that happened with Louise. Luckily after calling my doctor, applying hot compresses (and taking a long, hot bath), and using a nipple shield on the left side, disaster was averted and breastfeeding was back on track.
  • Sleep: Celine is a pretty good sleeper, except for a couple of days ago where we were on a schedule of eat, sleep for one hour, eat again. No fun! She’s almost exclusively sleeping in her rock’n’play which is great for us. We’re waiting to move in to our house before buying her crib, but it should be good timing since she’ll be about a month and a half old.
  • Personality: She’s not a huge fan of being by herself, either in the swing, play mat or anywhere else. I think we have ourselves an arm baby!

Sleeping on/with mom or dad
White noise
Bath time

Being in the car seat (haaaaaates it)
Pacifier (fights it and then reluctantly takes it)
Lying around on her own


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