Louise’s 2nd birthday party

Since everyone (meaning Liz, Katie, and Rusty) were all going to be in town for Easter weekend, Mike and I decided early on to have Louise’s party a couple of weeks early. It worked out – almost everyone we invited could come and there were a bunch of kids!

We had her party at Gymboree and I was really pleased with their setup. They helped me set up the decor (since they only let you in 15 minutes prior to start time), they were really good at organizing and engaging the kids, and they kicked everyone out right at the end of the party. It was fabulous.

I of course forgot my fancy camera because I’m still not 100% put together, but I managed to get some good shots nonetheless. I also snagged a few from friends and family.

I kept decorations to a minimum because I just didn’t have the energy to make a bunch of stuff, but I had a Happy Birthday banner, music note bunting, and balloons. I also had some cake pops and my mom got a cake.
IMG_5508 IMG_5509 IMG_5511 IMG_5512

The theme was music and I kept most everything to a purple-and-teal color scheme. I even had pants made for Louise with her name on them and a guitar. Mike wasn’t super thrilled with them (he said “is she seriously wearing pants with her name on them?”) but most everyone else, myself included, loved them!
IMG_5522 IMG_5525

The kids played for about an hour. It was really fun to see them all romping around!

Then it was time to eat. Mike was in charge of food and did good – we only had snacks since it was 3pm but they were yummy. Cheese, fruit, queso, Goldfish, milk and juice. Once the kids ate we busted out the cake! Louise wasn’t super pumped about having everyone staring at her and singing, but she (just like the rest of the kids) were A-ok with eating the cake.
IMG_5566 IMG_5568 IMG_5537 IMG_5541

Then they were let back in the play room to have fun with bubbles and the parachute.
IMG_5552 IMG_5560 IMG_5557

Then it was time to go. Louise seemed to have a fantastic time and although she wasn’t comfortable with being the center of attention, she definitely loved the day. We’ve been opening one present a day which should stretch until her birthday, which is great not only because she loves opening presents but it’s a nice distraction from Celine!


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