And just like that, our baby girl is now our big kid.


We’ve been feeling like Louise has grown up quickly in the past couple of months (having a newborn in the house to remind us of the old days definitely assisted with those feelings), but now it’s official. Some of the things she’s up to these days:

  • She’s running, talking, and comprehending
  • She knows the alphabet and most of the numbers between 1 and 10
  • She is developing complex feelings and definitely lets us know what she wants and how she feels
  • She is starting to take control of her life in interesting ways, like picking out clothes, taking her clothes off, requesting diaper changes, thoughtfully wearing accessories, putting her own lotion on after bath time, etc.
  • She can joke around with us now – for example, we have an alphabet book we read, and sometimes we’ll get to a letter (let’s say G) and she’ll say “W!” and then look at us and start laughing. She knows it’s not W but it’s pretty funny to pretend like it is.


Two year stats:

  • Weight: 27.8 pounds (60th percentile)
  • Height: 36 inches (90th percentile)
  • Head circumference: 49 centimeters (90th percentile)
  • Clothes: A solid 2T. She put on an 18-24 month sweater from Gap this week and it was basically a crop top. Even 24 month stuff is pushing it.

She is a gorgeous little girl and I say that objectively. We think she is looking so much like Mike’s older sister Sarah in the mouth/nose area, and definitely has the Fausak blue eyes.


She’s still adjusting to having Celine around – mostly getting upset in the mornings when I have to focus on the little one and not snuggle with her – but she genuinely loves having her around. When we pick her up from day care she always asks “Where’s Cece?”, and when she knows Celine is sleeping she turns to us as says “shh!” with her finger over her mouth. She tries to give her toys by placing them on her tummy or in her hand. I think things will go much more smoothly once Celine can grab things. šŸ™‚


Louise is all over the place with eating. Some days she can’t get enough and some days it seems like she barely eats anything. Meat is tricky…she tends to chew it and then spit it back out. She does still love chicken and will eat it whenever – by itself, straight from the refrigerator…whatever. We have our go-to foods like bananas, blueberries, Goldfish, pb&j’s, Babybel cheese, and yogurt, but we tend to give her what we’re eating for dinner and she usually eats it. I think carrots are still her favorite vegetable but she also eats peas, corn, and broccoli. She used to eat an egg every morning but lately she just requests it and then leaves it on the table. Maybe she just likes saying “egg.”


She is still obsessed with books. She loves having someone read to her and demands it from everyone, but can also sit by herself with one to many books and “read” to herself for close to an hour. I taught her “one more” to help curb requests for cheese, but she quickly adopted it to ask for one more book at bedtime. It’s actually the cutest thing and I can’t help but laugh when she does it because she whines, and then turns to me with wide eyes, holds her finger up to her cheek and says “one more?”


She also still loves music. I think that’s a typical toddler thing and I just love it. She plays music on her keyboard and has unique dances for each song, and she still tinkers with her harmonica and piano. She received a few musical instruments (play guitar, concertina, etc) for her birthday and loves those as well. Sometimes a commercial will come on television with background music and she’ll stop what she was doing and start grooving.

We love this growing girl and can’t wait to see what this year has in store!


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