Breast v bottle, Celine edition

File this under “be careful what you wish for.”

With Louise, I mourned when she could not breastfeed. Now with Celine, the universe threw me a curveball in the other direction: she doesn’t want to do anything BUT breastfeed! We started her on the bottle early – probably a little too early since she had a bit of nipple confusion – but in the past two weeks she decided she was not going to take a bottle, period. We tried everything but it did not work. She would choke on the milk and start crying.

Today I decided that I would be super positive, send her happy, calm vibes, but that after the morning she would not be allowed the breast – only bottle. She refused, refused, refused…and then after her second nap she took the bottle with almost no fighting. Like she never had a problem to begin with. Oh…babies.

It’s not like that’s the end of the story – she fought it later but took another bottle when she got hungry enough – but it’s crazy how frustrating and stressful babies can be with certain issues, and how easily that frustration melts away when it’s resolved. I know this is only the first of many issues – like sleep training, eeeeek – but I was super stressed about this one for a few reasons: her not taking a bottle meant I was on duty all day and night, the internet did not have any real solutions other than “try everything, and she might not take it anyway,” and you know…it sucks not being in control.

It looks like we’re out of the woods, but we’ll see!


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