Louise: 2.1

Another month, another sassy, adorable toddler.

She’s really working hard on her words and mimics what we say – which means it’s time to start aggressively censoring our language! Certain words have progressed – for example, banana was “na,” now it’s “manny.” She’s stringing together two or three words and is starting to connect nouns with verbs (“mommy sit down,” “more blueberries please,” etc).

One day the kids were eating popsicles at day care, and when I picked her up, the teacher told me Louise was the only one who did not get messy – that she was very focused on not getting dirty. It didn’t surprise me since she asks us to clean her hands and face if she gets dirty when eating something, but I thought it was funny that she was the only one.

She is OB.SESSED with the park by our house. Every day she begs us, “park? park?” If we relent and go with her, she usually does one trip down the slide and then spends as long as we’ll let her on the swing (which can be upwards of 25 minutes). She is never ready to come home and always pitches a fit as we walk back.


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