Louise, the kid

Louise continues to rapidly progress into a child. It’s exciting but also a little sad – for example, I am no longer “mama,” but “mommy.” When she comes home from day care with dad, she shrieks “hi, mommy!” until I come greet her. When she doesn’t want to do something: “no, mommy.”

She is starting to potty train, brought about by her, not us. She asks to go on the potty, and has even teetee’d once. She takes her pants and diaper off and sits down. We installed the seat that has the child’s seat built in because she fell in the other day.

We haven’t yet made progress on the move to her big girl bed, but we’re not pushing it. One major change at a time would be a fabulous pace to keep!

She is pretty good at taking her clothes on and off, and her shoes. And her diaper too but that’s something we’re working on, since it’s not great to have her taking off her diaper in her crib at night. Or when she messes it and then tries to take it off. Let’s just say we decided our bath mat’s seen better days and threw it away.

The one thing that has not progressed is her jealousy of Celine. She lays in her play mat, she gets in her walker, and she demands to be rocked, blanket on, in her Rock’n’Play. We oblige her since we know this is temporary.


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