Gallery wall

We are slowly starting to decorate our house now. A painting here, a rug there. Something that naturally evolved when thinking about what to do in our bedroom was a gallery wall. We have a large drawing of Mike done by his friend Blaine, and we needed a place to put it. We also had multiple framed photos so we just decided to group them all together.

I’ve been around Pinterest and home blogs long enough to know to start with picture-sized pieces of paper with the hook drawn on, so you can just hammer in the nails and tear the paper off. We went through a few iterations of how we wanted it to look but settled on having a central line. Then we started hanging.


Once everything was up we made a few changes. For example, the Haydel family photo we chose – all of us at Dominique & Ross’ wedding – was too big in the frame we picked So we sacrificed a maternity photo in an 8×10 slot and made the big picture the group photo at our wedding. Much better.

I think this will be an ever evolving thing, but we like the way it looks. We need a bench or something under it but you know…one step at a time.


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