Celine: Three months

It’s definitely crazy how much they change in the first few months! Celine is getting out of the newborn stage and sailing right along into infant status.

Three month stats:

  • Weight: 13lbs (unofficial)
  • Clothes: 3 month clothing in Carter’s, 0-3 month in Gap. They’re all getting a little tight though!
  • Diapers: Size 1…but just until they’re used up and then we’re on to size 2!
  • Food: Breastmilk. We had issues this month with her taking a bottle, so I spent a week coaxing her. She’s still not 100% into it but she will take it as long as it’s super warm (even if I just pumped it, I have to warm it up). I have to remember to give her a bottle at least once a day so she doesn’t get back in the breast habit. I thought about giving her the bottle during the day when she’d get it at day care, but it’s easier now to do it as her last feeding of the night.
  • Sleep: Her sleeping at night is getting better and better (but we still have some bad nights). We’re slowly trying to sleep train her but I’m not being super vigilant about it, mostly because I don’t want her cries to wake Louise at night. She’s been in the Rock’n’Play since birth and I decided to transition her to the crib first, get her comfortable, and then work on the sleep training. She may be a little tougher of a nut to crack compared to Louise, who was sleep trained for the most part in about three days.
  • Personality: She’s more interactive with smiling, cooing, arm and leg movements, etc, and she’s getting more independent – I can stick her in her play mat or the nap nanny and she’s content for a little while.

She’s still not really into the car seat but things have gotten marginally better in that arena. As long as we don’t hit too many red lights she can hold it together for a little bit…or she just falls asleep. She loves the Baby Bjorn (facing out) which is great for me, since I can throw her in here and run all of my errands. She even successfully napped facing in while I was at Northpark the other day which was fabulous.

I’ve noticed that she’s started trying to roll over while on her play mat (from back to front). She hasn’t been super serious about it but flips her legs, hangs out for a moment, and then flips back. Speaking of her play mat, she’s just like her sister in that she loves looking at all of the faces. I was being lazy the other day and set her in there, and she stayed in smiling at all of the faces for almost an hour.

Louise has taken to wanting to “play” with Celine, which means she tries to hand her toys while Celine is on her play mat, pats her tummy, and hugs her. Celine isn’t super into this attention but she does pretty well. I can see how the second sibling gets used to older sibling abuse from a young age!

Current schedule:

  • Wakes up twice at night, usually around 2-3am and 5-6am. The 6am waking is annoying since she gets up an hour and a half later. I’m really trying to curb that one by not feeding her, just getting her back to sleep. About once or twice a week she gives me a wonderful present and only wakes up once, sleeping until 4-5am.
  • Wakes up super happy around 7:30am. I nurse her and then let her kick and stretch on her play mat. I try to do a little tummy time since she’s in a good mood.
  • She typically goes back down for her morning nap between 9-10am. Most of the time this is her long nap, sleeping until 11-12, but sometimes she saves the long nap for the afternoon and does about an hour.
  • When she wakes up again, this is when I dress her in her clothes for the day, nurse her, and then try to get out to run errands. I can tell the days we don’t get out she gets a little restless.
  • I try to be back home in time for her next nap. It’s usually between 1-2 hours but if the morning nap was short she can stretch this one to up to three hours.
  • Up again, nurse again, potentially more errands. A couple of days a week I am in charge of dinner so I try to figure out what to make.
  • She takes a quick evening nap around 5pm, and this is when I try to get the house in order and make dinner.
  • Mike comes home with Louise at 6pm and we juggle the kids for a couple of hours. We have dinner/nursing and bathtime starting around 7:45. Mike typically bathes Louise and I handle Celine.
  • I give Celine a bottle (around 4 ounces, although I’m thinking that needs to be increased) after her bath, around 8:30. She typically falls asleep right after, but it’s a fake-out – she’s back up between 9-10pm and wants to hang out for a little longer.
  • She typically goes down for good around 10-10:30pm. I shower, catch up on stuff, talk to Mike, etc, and then try to go to sleep by 11pm.

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