The Spa

One of the few baby items I wanted to buy for Celine that we didn’t already have was the Puj tub. I loved the idea of being able to bathe Celine in the sink and knew Louise would be bogarting the tub for a while. When Louise was an infant, we had a plastic tub with infant sling:
IMG_1346.JPG - Version 2

It was fine, but we had to bend over to wash her which wasn’t ideal. Also she hated it.

Thing are different with the Puj. Mike calls it “the spa” since Celine loves it and we can keep the faucet on so she gets a constant stream of warm water. We can also bathe them simultaneously – it’s some nice family time with Mike & Lou manning the tub and Celine and I at the sink.

I’m looking forward to when we can throw them in the tub together, but for now this setup works!


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