Louise’s clothes

Buying clothes for Louise was so easy up to a year since she mostly wore onesies. Sure there was an occasional dress here and there but there was a pretty set uniform. Once she started walking at one year, the story changed. She could wear dresses and cute things and not muck them up by crawling around (of course she still mucked them up).

Since about a year old, I’ve been figuring out her wardrobe. She lives mostly in tshirts and leggings since she goes to day care every day and dresses aren’t super practical there. She also still has her toddler belly, so pants with buttons and flies don’t really work. Here’s what I’ve found works for her:

Everyday clothes
About 70% of her everyday clothes come from the Gap. I don’t buy anything from the Gap unless it’s on sale, but they always have sales so it’s not that difficult. They have great separates they call Playtime Favorites – I get almost all of Louise’s leggings from that line, and long-sleeve tshirts. Since they’re usually right around $10 per item it’s not heartbreaking if she ruins an article. They also have great cotton dresses for both winter and summer, tights, and some cute little outfits.
DSC_0019 IMG_5309 IMG_5188 IMG_4226

I also have been loving Target. Since she doesn’t do well with regular pants and shorts, I have to find options with elastic waists. I mentioned that Gap has great leggings – I also get them from Old Navy – but Target is great with shorts. Pretty much all of her shorts this summer are from Target, and her tank tops.

I do get some things from Old Navy although I’m not a major fan of the fit of their clothes. Their tops can be kind of tight around the tummy, but I do like their leggings. I find I have to get one size up for Louise however…they can be kind of short. What can I say – sometimes their prices are just too good.
IMG_4732 DSC_0008 IMG_5223

My all-time favorite brand for Louise is Boden. It’s very cute but not overly girly, which is sort of perfect. Their quality is amazing, but it’s reflected in their price. They do put things on sale so I try to wait for those before buying anything. Their clothes span everyday and fancy. IMG_5794
IMG_6282 DSC_0011

My mom is great at getting Louise some good everyday clothes. She also helps me make things I find on Etsy.
IMG_6098 IMG_5831

Peek Kids has some really soft t-shirts but they’re super expensive. I get one or two a year and call it a day. I bought a poplin top there but wasn’t super impressed.
DSC_5806 DSC_5784 DSC_5650

I do find some other clothes at consignment or on sale at other stores, like a Juicy Couture hoodie or a North Face fleece. I also buy things off of Etsy every once in a while – I do like personalized clothes!
DSC_0639 IMG_5944

Fancy clothes
Like I said, I love Boden for fancy clothes too.
Haydel 007

I tried to get into Janie and Jack but they’re not really my favorite – too fussy. I found a couple of dresses I liked but for the most part I go other places. I do love their tights though!
DSC_5548 DSC_5922

I find some cute things at Peek Kids, but they are overpriced and rarely put their good stuff on sale. Still, they’re similar to Boden in that they’re whimsical without being stuffy.

Mrs. Haydel and her friends are great at the nice clothes. Most of Louise’s smocked, seersucker, etc dresses come from New Orleans.
IMG_3957 IMG_3913 IMG_3769 IMG_5401 IMG_5021 IMG_8411

I found a couple of smocked things on Zulily, and I’ve recently discovered Smocked Auctions on Facebook. Like I said, I like personalized things, and love a monogram.
IMG_2762 DSC_5575

I like Tucker & Tate, which I get at Nordstrom. They aren’t too expensive and I love their cotton.

She is almost exclusively in Gap pj’s. We did the footed pajamas for the longest time but separates just work better now. I like Gaps’ cotton better than Carter’s.
IMG_4964 IMG_5040

Mrs Haydel gave Louise some Sun San sandals last year and I loved them. We got them again this year.

I always have a pair of tennis shoes too. We started with Nike and now are wearing New Balance.

Dominique gave Louise some pink glitter Toms two Christmases ago, and they are now her favorite shoes. She often wears them on the wrong feet, something we don’t understand but she clearly does. Parents…we’re so uncool.
IMG_6158 IMG_6381

We had Crocs last year and she wore them almost all summer. This year I was looking for something a little cuter and came across Natives. They are super cute and do the job.
IMG_6002 IMG_5453

Since she couldn’t wear sandals in the winter, we got the cutest navy mary janes. I also bought a black pair by Clark’s.
IMG_4654 IMG_5347

We also had a pair of Uggs over the winter, which were invaluable. I thought we’d keep them for Celine but Louise pretty much wore them out.
IMG_5061 IMG_5179


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