How ’bout Them Apples

I picked up Louise from day care today. She’s really good with the whole process, considering I have Celine Bjorne’d to me so I can’t pick her up. She runs to me and let’s me bend down and hug her, then takes my hand and walks to the car. I typically put her in first and she waits patiently as I put Celine back in the car.

Today was a slightly different story. She was happy to see me as usual, but was not interested in holding my hand. That was fine inside, but once we got outside it was a non-negotiable. We lingered for a bit right outside the day care while she tried to make a stand. It wasn’t a tantrum, we were both smiling. She was just seeing how far she could take it – would I really MAKE her hold my hand?

It was probably three or four minutes of us standing there, me with Celine in the Baby Bjorn and receiving amused glances and snickers from other parents, while Louise loitered. I periodically attempted to get her to move into action – “Do you want to see daddy?” “Do you want to go home?” “Do you want to get a sticker?” etc. – but she was too smart for that. Finally I tried something new:

“Louise, do you want an apple?”

Yes. She did want an apple. She asked for my hand and we walked to the car.

[Here’s an unrelated photo since I don’t believe in photoless posts]


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