The Family Vacation

Earlier this year, Mike’s mom floated the idea of a beach trip around the Fourth of July. Mike and I were apprehensive about committing since we weren’t sure we could handle it with an infant and toddler, but we ultimately decided to give it a shot. Mike’s cousin’s wedding was in New Orleans the weekend before the Fourth and Louise was a flower girl, so we decided to all go to Nola that weekend, then I would stay in Nola with the girls while Mike returned to Dallas to work. He would fly to Mobile on Wednesday afternoon and we’d pick him up on our drive to Orange Beach. Then we’d all fly back to Dallas together from Mobile. I was definitely anxious about being away from home with the two girls without Mike, but I knew Mrs. Haydel and Dominique would be helpful.

Things did not go exactly as we planned. The flight to New Orleans was shockingly easy, and we got in excited for the weekend.

Mike and I went to the rehearsal dinner while a babysitter stayed with Louise and Celine. Saturday morning Louise went for a walk to the park with Grammy and then had some pool time with Grumps before her nap.
IMG_6627 IMG_6636

Celine hung out.
IMG_6614 IMG_6621

Mike and I got ready for the wedding and then had to wake Louise up because we were cutting it pretty close on getting to the church on time. The minute we picked her up we knew she was sick – she was on fire and was extremely unhappy. We took her temperature – 103 – and realized that she wouldn’t be able to be a flower girl that evening. We were bummed and debating how we should handle (still leave her with the babysitter or have one of us stay home) when I started feeling weird. Within ten minutes I also developed a 103 fever and just completely crashed. Mike skipped the ceremony to tend to us sick girls, but Louise’s fever broke and I was strong enough to lay with her, so he headed to the reception. I was so sad to miss the wedding!

Louise felt better the next day but developed a cough that ended up sticking around for over a day.
IMG_6656 IMG_6666

By Monday she was miserable again and couldn’t stay cough-free for more than a few minutes. Monday night we tried a steroid in the nebulizer, but it didn’t really work. We took her to Grumps’ doctor’s office Tuesday morning and he checked her out and got a chest X-ray. Luckily it wasn’t pneumonia, but we ended up giving her the tiniest bit of codeine-laced cough syrup to help her feel better, which worked.
IMG_6674 IMG_6692

Celine continued to relax.
IMG_6682 IMG_6647 IMG_6694

I still wasn’t operating at 100% so it was a rough couple of days, particularly without Mike. Everyone was so helpful but I was missing my emotional support system.

Wednesday arrived and we all felt better, just in time for our drive to Orange Beach. Mrs Haydel and I were in one car with the girls while Dominique, Ross, Sarah and Dr Haydel took the other car. The girls were SO good on the trip – they did not make a peep all the way to Mobile and then only fussed a little the rest of the way. We picked up Mike at the Mobile airport and headed to our condo!
IMG_6711 IMG_6713 IMG_6719

We got to the condo and Louise wasted no time in checking it out!
DSC_0012 DSC_0020 DSC_0026

Celine got in on the action too.
DSC_0044 DSC_0052

Ross brought a Mickey Mouse chair for Louise. She made Mike and me sit in it.

Ross brought his wagon which came in super handy for toting everything down to the beach each day.

Louise and Celine’s first day at the beach and pool!
IMG_6739 IMG_6741
IMG_6742 IMG_6743
IMG_6748 IMG_6751

It was pretty exhausting.
IMG_6746 IMG_6752

We still managed to get back out in the evening for some fun in the sand.
IMG_6812 IMG_6813 IMG_6761 IMG_6766 IMG_6814

All that playing made us hungry for spaghetti.

Then it was bedtime to get ready for the Fourth of July.

Good morning!
IMG_6785 IMG_6786 IMG_6823

Louise took a random nap around 10am, and refused to remove her puddle jumper.

Then she woke up and it was pool time!
IMG_6796 IMG_6798

Swimming took a lot out of us so we had some down time and relaxed.
IMG_6800 IMG_6803 DSC_0059

And again, we went to the beach in the evening so Louise could play.
IMG_6820 IMG_6832 IMG_6805 IMG_6835

Then we went back upstairs for dinner and fireworks. Our power went out for a while so instead of the tenderloin we planned to eat, we ordered pizza. ‘Murica.

We took a few photos at sunset.
DSC_0071 DSC_0074 DSC_0084

We had one more day at the beach and we maximized the time.
IMG_6817 IMG_6831 IMG_6841 IMG_6844 IMG_6885 IMG_6859 IMG_6865 IMG_6872 IMG_6871 IMG_6869

Then it was time to leave. The condo was in a big building and it took us over an hour to locate luggage carts, get everything to the car, and take the elevators down. We were not anticipating this delay and ended up missing our flight out of Mobile. Luckily Louise was in a great mood for most of the trip back to New Orleans (it took us about six hours total to get back), and Celine slept for the majority of the time since she was sick.
IMG_6879 IMG_6883

The flight from New Orleans to Dallas wasn’t awesome – since we had to change our flight from Mobile to New Orleans, our seats weren’t together, and Louise (who was with Mike) had a major meltdown when the iPad ran out of batteries. Celine wasn’t super great either since she was sick – she had a slight fever and projectile vomited on me right as we were taking off. Not to mention she was coughing and snotting all over me the entire flight. At least she slept for most of it!

My parents were amazing – they picked us up at the airport and came prepared with dinner for us, snacks for Louise and drinks.  We made it home around 8pm and just collapsed. We gave both girls express baths but they were ready to go to bed, just like we were. We still haven’t completely unpacked yet but at least we’re home!

One thought on “The Family Vacation

  1. Looks like y’all had a great time – minus the sickness 😦 Loving the bubble on Louise! I have been going a little cray cray on smocked auctions myself 🙂 lol

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