Louise 2.2

It’s a thousand years late but here she is!

She is currently jealous of the time I spend with Celine, and can get very upset and clingy. If I go get her in the morning it’s a battle peeling her off of me to eat breakfast or put her clothes on, and if I leave her to get Celine she definitely loses it. She is excited to see me when she gets home from day care, but she constantly demands to be picked “up, up” and it can get exhausting. If I hold her for 20-30 minutes she usually calms down but not every evening affords that amount of time. I miss my time with her too, but being a mother of two is just different!

Louise is definitely experiencing a word explosion. She wants to know how to say everything and will repeat us. Temperature is “puh-chuh-chuh,” I don’t even know how she says helicopter…but many words are crystal clear like airplane, apple, or medicine. She also likes to give me status updates on Celine: “Mommy! Cece up. Mommy! Cece crying. Mommy! Shh! Cece sleeping.” She also says “yeah” and it’s super cute. When she tells usĀ something and you confirm it with her (she doesn’t let us get away with “uh huh,” we have to say “oh, you see the airplane?”), she responds with “yeah!” More of a “yah!” really. She says bye-bye to everything as well – the pool, an airplane, her food, the iPad…

She’s getting better and better at pronouncing people’s names – Grumps is now Muck, Dominique is Pom, etc – but she had us laughing while on vacation because Uncle Ross gave her a Mickey Mouse beach chair, so he was “Mickey” from then on out.

We took her to the beach for her first real vacation and she loved it. She had to warm up to the sand but grew to love it, especially once we added some toys. She loved being in the pool so much she was throwing out random greetings to the other kids in the pool (“Hi boy!”), which is saying a lot considering she is super shy. She was still getting over being sick so we weren’t running at 100% the whole time, but all in all it was a great getaway.


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