Celine: Four months

What a change! This girl is progressing so quickly, I love it.

Four month stats:
Weight: 13lbs, 4oz (58 %ile)
Height: 25.25in (93 %ile)
Head size: 16.14in (65 %ile)
7.15.14 Celine four months

As a comparison, Louise was 16lbs, 6oz and 27 inches at four months. Celine is definitely our “petite” baby!

  • Clothes: Still fits in Carter’s 3 month but also can wear some of the 6 month stuff. Starting to wear Gap and Old Navy’s 3-6 month sizing, and can fit into the 6 month rompers I have from Ralph Lauren and Little Me. Still too small for Tea Collection’s 3-6 month rompers (those things are LONG!).
  • Diapers: Size 2
  • Food: Breastmilk. We made it four months on just breastmilk which was my goal. Ideally I wanted to do exclusively breastmilk until six months, but the stress of pumping enough each day is just too much, so we’re going to supplement one meal a day with formula. I tested her openness to eating formula yesterday and she had zero issues with taking it, which was a relief. It definitely takes the pressure off of me! Plus the Baby Brezza is an amazing contraption.
  • Sleep: She is consistently waking up only once at night to nurse. I think when she doubles her birth weight (so gets to almost 16 pounds) we’ll try to wean her off of that night feeding so she’s sleeping through, but for now I don’t really mind it. She is so easy to put down for naps and bedtime and goes right back to sleep when she wakes up at night, so there’s not a lot of stress in the sleep department.
  • Personality: She might be more chill than Louise…it’s hard to tell. She’s very observant and also patient – Louise loves to hassle her and she very rarely cries.

We lazily started sleep training this month, but we haven’t been super militant about it. The main time we try graduated extinction is when we put her down for the night, but if she cries in the middle of the night or during her nap we typically don’t wait before going in and comforting her. She’s also been a little sick, so she’s spent a couple of nights in the Rock’n’Play to help with her congestion. Even with all of that, she’s dropped all but one nighttime wake-up, which is fantastic. Since she’s started day care she’s also been going to bed earlier. She used to go to sleep between 9 and 10pm, but Thursday of last week she fell asleep while I was nursing her around 7pm and so I put her in bed. She was out until 4am! Her new bedtime is between 7 and 8pm which is great for mom and dad…we’re slowly getting our evenings back.

She’s rolled over a few times, but not consistently enough for us to start putting her on her tummy to sleep. I’m not itching for it since she sleeps well but I know that will only improve her sleeping habits.

I’ve already noticed differences between her and Louise, which I love. For example, the way Celine rolls over is different than how Louise did it. Louise propped herself up really high on her arms, then used her outstretched legs to kick herself over. Celine keeps her head fairly low, tucks her knees under her and just rolls. Louise took a while to crawl – I think she was in her tenth month? – but I have a sneaking suspicion Celine is going to be earlier.

Celine can also play by herself for much longer than I remember Louise allowing. I have memories of having to shuffle Louise between the play mat, walker, exersaucer, and my arms at a pretty frequent interval, but Celine is content in her play mat for more than half of an hour. I’ll peek at her frequently and she’ll give me happy grins. It’s so nice!


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