The weekend

This past weekend was great for me as I was able to catch up with many of my girlfriends. I’ve been a little MIA since having Celine, but now that I’m back at work and starting to get out a little more, I’m finally feeling back in the loop. Mike and I also went up to my grandparent’s house for my grandpa’s birthday, so we snuck some family time in as well. Not to mention Louise spent Friday night at my parent’s house, so Saturday was a relaxed luxurious day that Mike and I spent trying to get Celine to laugh for the first time (spoiler alert: we succeeded).

Being an adult can be really tough sometimes, but it’s good to take a little break every now and then, have some cocktails with your friends, and catch up on gossip.

I didn’t take any pictures with my friends, but of course there are kid pics. Like Mike and Celine waiting for our fajitas at Mariano’s on Friday evening:
7.21.14 Mariano's

Or the happiest baby on the block Saturday morning:7.21.14 Happy baby

7.21.14 Blade

Once we got Louise back we had a fun Sunday in the insanely gorgeous weather. We went for a jog, which always ends up at the park.7.21.14 Park1 7.21.14 Park2

After nap time we decided to play with our water table. Louise chose to remove her clothes and shoes, and shortly after this decided she didn’t need her diaper either.7.21.14 Water table

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