Louise’s hair

As Louise gets older and her hair grows, it’s been…difficult, to manage.

She looks adorable when it’s in pigtails or a regular old ponytail, but even right after we cut it, it looked pretty straggly.
IMG_6211 IMG_6557

Her hair is fairly thin and curly at the ends which doesn’t help (it’s not like she has a thick mane of straight hair), and she isn’t the biggest fan of putting barrettes, headbands, or ponytails in it every day so most days it’s au naturale.

I’ve been trying to think of a haircut that would help her look since the first attempt wasn’t the best. I firmly believe she needs bangs or something since again, we can’t count on scraping it back into a barrette every day.

This is what I was originally going for, which is still an option, but a lot of the longer hair on the sides tend to mix up with her bangs.

This would never work. It would be in her face and eyes 100% of the time. Plus her hair is not that straight.

I kind of like the idea of shorter hair…

We’ll see…I need to get her another haircut soon so it might be a game time decision!


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