Louise 2.3

She’s started mimicking us. The other day I was minding my own business in the den when she came up, took my hand, led me into my bedroom, told me to get in bed under the covers, said “mommy take nap,” and then walked out saying “night night” and closed the bedroom door. Then she did the same with Mike. If only we could =)
Louise 2.3

She’s working really hard on pronouncing words and every day she gets easier to understand. She will repeat what we say as if practicing. She also likes “reading” her books by herself and going through the alphabet. We’re working on colors now and her favorite is purple…just like her mom. She knows her numbers but she doesn’t always start counting at one. Sometimes she’ll see four fish on a page and say “three, four, five, six! Six fish!” She’s getting better at starting with one though!

The side effect of her speech improving is that she gets frustrated if we do not understand what she wants. Sometimes it’s easy but often we have no idea what she’s saying, so she gets upset. We’re starting to get into the phase where Mike and I know what she’s saying and have to translate for everyone else.

We’ve noticed her getting a little less timid lately which I am loving. She is growing particularly fond of Taylor and Hillary, and they are amazing with her so it’s a win-win. She also seems more comfortable at school – I think she’s finally settling in to her new room.

She still plays by herself very well, whether it’s reading, playing with Legos, or with her water table outside. What’s great is she isn’t really destructive. Even if she dumps the Legos out everywhere, she’ll spend the time putting most of them back. I even caught her cleaning the water table with a sponge the other day.

We’ve been working on her discipline, and although she rarely needs it, we find that we need it at times – mainly when she’s harassing Celine. The other day we put her in time out because she hit Celine with a toy. She tends to just sit there until we come over, tell her we love her, and give her a hug and tell her to get up. About five minutes later she did something else and I sternly said “NO, Louise.” She looked at me and then walked out of the room. Curious, I followed her, only to find that she put HERSELF in time-out. She wouldn’t leave until I hugged her and told her I loved her. What a sweetheart =)

Singing the ABC’s
Seeing buses or pickup trucks on the road
Mickey and Minnie (we’re past Goofy now)
Her Twilight Ladybug (projects stars in different colors)
Asking for food
Dancing to music

Getting her clothes wet
When her parents don’t dance with her
Nap time
Putting her clothes on in the morning


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