The Aquarium

Errin and I have been wanting to visit the Aquarium with the kids for a while, and we settled on this past Saturday as a good date. It worked out well because it was not blazing hot outside, so the entire Dallas population with kids wasn’t looking for inside activities. Meaning…it wasn’t crowded.

We arrived around 10am and started checking it out. Louise and Ethan were both pretty interested, but in different things. Ethan loved the river otters but Louise was pretty terrified of them. They both loved the fish and sharks!
8.4.14 Aquarium Fish 8.4.14 Aquarium penguins

Celine actually seemed pretty interested, which I was hoping would be the case. She didn’t fall asleep or get fussy at all…in fact, she was the most well behaved kid!
8.4.14 Aquarium Celine

I think the sharks were Louise’s favorite. The Aquarium has them where you are in a tunnel and they’re swimming all around and above you. Louise thought that was great (scared of the otters but not sharks swimming above you? Weirdo). She particularly liked the one with the “funny nose,” aka the sawfish. Which apparently is in the stingray family and not a shark, which I just learned on Wikipedia.
8.4.14 Aquarium Sharks

Louise also really liked the monkeys and was not scared of the jaguar. Maybe because I kept calling it the “big kitty.”

After about an hour and a half, both Ethan and Louise started getting a little restless. Louise really wanted to push her stroller but it wasn’t the best idea with the increasingly growing crowd. She had a meltdown when I grabbed her to leave, but that was it. We went to lunch afterward and she was a dream, eating quite a bit and talking to herself in the mirror. Celine continued to be a model baby by napping in the booth, and then nursing quickly before we left.
8.4.14 Lunchtime
8.4.14 Lunchtime2

Mike and I were pretty pleased with ourselves in getting the girls out and doing something new, since we usually have a routine over the weekend of playing at home, going to the park, and going to Target a couple of times. We even had dinner at Taylor’s with the girls that evening. Great success!


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