House updates

We’ve made some progress on furnishing our house! And by “progress,” I mean we’ve happily and gratefully accepted hand me downs from both of our parents.

The two rooms that were empty – the dining room and living room – are now almost completely finished.
IMG_7163 IMG_7164 IMG_7166

Check out our awesome TV in the living room. Don’t be jealous.
IMG_7169 IMG_7167

We also hung a bunch of our art. It really helped make the house feel more complete.
IMG_7168 IMG_7171 IMG_7173

I am just giddy that we now have two living areas. I have loved sitting in our living room the past two nights…it’s in the heart of the home.

We still have some things to get, of course – is a house ever really done? – but it feels so much better! Now we just need houseguests and visitors!


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