Celine: Five Months

I think she went through a growth spurt because here she is, our big girl!

  • Clothes: Solidly in six month clothing now, across the board. Gap’s 3-6 month pajamas are still slightly long in the leg, but fit the body perfectly. She is finally in her Tea Collection 3-6 month clothes, which I am excited about because their stuff is so cute on her.
  • Diapers: Size 2, but I think we’re going to move to size 3 once this pack is gone.
  • Food: Breastmilk and formula. She nurses 2-3 times a day, takes two bottles of breastmilk, and one bottle of formula. On the weekends she mostly nurses and doesn’t take any formula unless she wakes up around 11pm and I’ve been drinking.
  • Sleep: Right when she turned four months, she had a great week, so we decided to sleep train her. Of course the next week (18 weeks) she regressed and the sleep training was a disaster. Mike had to do it since she would try to nurse if I went in her room at night, but she was stubborn and kept fussing even with graduated extinction. Finally we gave up and we are back to nursing once per night, usually around 3am. We’ve done a couple of bottles though and notice that she only takes around one ounce, so we know she isn’t really hungry and that it’s habit at this point. We’re going to try the full-on cry it out method since graduated extinction doesn’t seem to work on her. I’m nervous but we are ready to get our nights back!
  • Personality: Everyone at day care comments on how easy she is. Her grandmothers comment on how easy she is. I comment on how easy she is. Turns out…we have an easy baby. =) She is content playing in her play mat for a long time, she loves being in the action but doesn’t necessarily need to be held, and when I put her down for naps or bedtime she rarely fusses. She rarely fusses at all, really.
  • Schedule: Wake up around 7am, nurse, get dressed, watch big sister Louise eat breakfast, go to school around 8:15am. Sometimes mom and/or dad pop by to say hello during lunch. Get picked up around 5:40pm, try really hard to stay awake in the car on the five minute car ride home. Jump in the bath at 6pm, get lotioned and dressed, nurse around 6:20pm on both sides, in bed between 6:35-6:45!


Her teachers at day care call her “bubbles” because she blows bubbles all day. She also has forged a connection with one teacher in particular, and I think the feeling is mutual because when I pick her up, more often than not her teacher will say that she spoiled her that day by holding her and walking around.

She is always wiggling! It can be hard to get anything done with her (diaper changes, clothing) because she just wiggles around. Every morning now when we go in to get her, she’s wiggled her top half out of her sleep sack. It’s pretty impressive.

Milestone wise, we’re pretty on target. She is grabbing her feet like crazy and shoving her toes in her mouth – it’s easier when her diaper’s off. She’s just started grabbing with intent about a week or two ago, so it’s fun to put something on the table and watch her focus, and then let her arms loose to wildly bang around until they get their prize. Of course everything she grabs immediately makes it into her mouth.

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