The Recent Shenanigans of Louise M. Haydel

Out for a jog, waving at bikers.
8.18.14 Sunglasses 2 8.18.14 Sunglasses

Owning the park.
8.18.14 Park

“Coloring” (with a pen) with papa. Learning about circles, triangles, and squares. Drawing mostly circles and then surprising all of us with a suspiciously good triangle.
8.18.14 Coloring with papa

“Louise is a baby.”
“No you’re not, you’re a big girl!”
“No, Louise BAYBEE.”
8.18.14 Bumbo

Bracelets are back in a big way. Pink and red only.
8.18.14 Bracelets

Demanding the following: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, fruit snacks, her two “black and purple” blankets (she refused to share those blankets all day, even a corner).
8.18.14 Fruit snacks

Sad bow.
8.18.14 Sad bow

Happy bow.
8.18.14 Happy bow


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