Celine and sleeping, OF COURSE update

So of course, according to the Internet rule of “once you publicly say something about your child they will change it immediately,” Celine started sleeping through the night. She likes sleeping on her stomach (I said she didn’t), unswaddled (I said she preferred to be swaddled), and she slept straight through from 6:30pm – 6ish/7ish for three nights, now waking up around 4am briefly before passing out again. Just goes to show…don’t say they don’t do something. Because they will prove you wrong JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT.

I am not complaining though…it’s been so nice sleeping for more than 5 hours at a time that my body literally does not know what to do with itself. I suggested being chipper but the response was HA, give me a few more weeks of consistent sleep and we’ll think about it.


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