Potty Training, Part I

We decided we were going to potty train Louise over Labor Day weekend. Mike wasn’t totally on board but I knew we had to try – it was the only three day weekend in our near future, she’d been showing major signs of wanting to be potty trained, and I had purchased about 20 panties in anticipation of the big weekend.

I read up on what to do, and the idea was to make it a super-exciting, fun thing. Talk about it a lot, buy stickers and rewards, wake her up the first day and be super pumped about it, and NEVER LOOK BACK. That was the key thing – NEVER LOOK BACK.

Well…Louise woke up that Saturday and refused to put on panties. She wanted DIAPERS MOMMY AND DADDY, and there was nothing we could do to change her mind. I think Mike was secretly relieved – we had declined all of our plans for the weekend anticipating a booked schedule of potty training – but I had the wind taken out of my sails. I thought we were going to go into this and it was going to be easy and smooth, just like her sleep training. WRONG, MOMMY.

And then, three hours later, Louise took her diaper off and requested panties. The funny thing is she doesn’t fit in 2-3 year old panties, they just hang on her. So I have to fold the top over so they’ll stay on, and even then they’re pretty baggy. But she wanted PANTIES, not DIAPERS, because she’s a BIG GIRL. So we spent the weekend lazily potty training her. We still put a diaper on her for naps and at bedtime, and she had a peepee accident and a poopoo accident in the panties, but it was good to introduce her to the concept of NOT going to the bathroom whenever the mood strikes. Day care helps a lot since they put her on the potty all the time, so I think she’ll actually get trained pretty soon – my goal is before the end of the year.


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