Louise 2.4

Louise is SUCH a toddler these days. One minute she’s adorable and charming and the next she’s a screaming puddle on the ground. The first year is chock full of changes and milestones, but this has been an interesting year as well since she is transitioning to “person” instead of “baby.” We’ve noticed her speech improves literally on a daily basis – she listens to us and corrects her pronunciation, and attempts new words all the time. Her current favorite is to order us around – she just this week started using the word NOW – as in, turn the TV on NOW, give me fruit snacks NOW.

She is requesting and singing songs now, which is really cute. I’ll catch her singing “Monkeys on the Bed” or “Twinkle Twinkle” while playing, and every morning when we drive to school she has to have the ABC song on. The ABC’s are the cutest because she doesn’t pronounce all of the letters – LMNOP is “emememememem PEE,” and WXYZ is “doh-doh-doh-doh EXXXXX, WHYYYY AND ZEEEEE.”

She’s fickle with Mike and me these days – some days I’m her favorite, and some days Mike is. She had some bad diaper rash one day and felt Mike was too aggressive during bath time, so she refused to get out unless I was the one picking her up. I ended up putting her to bed that night because any time Mike would get close she would shriek “Daddy GO AWAY!” It’s always temporary though…I’m sure the next morning she wouldn’t get out of bed unless Mike picked her up.

She’s waffling between wanting to be a big girl and wanting to be a baby. She knows in her heart of hearts that she’s the big girl and gets to do big girl things, but she also sees how much attention Celine gets for being the baby and wants that too. She’ll stuff her body in Celine’s walker while wearing her bib, or get stuck in the Bumbo while sucking on a pacifier. It’s pretty cute.

She’s proud of her running skills and likes to show me when going to her room in the mornings and to the car in the afternoons. “Mommy, run?” (I like that she asks me). I always say yes because it makes things easier on me – she can be a slow walker. She gets distracted though…she’ll be scampering down the hallway and look into a room, and then sort of start veering off course…

She and Celine are starting to have a real relationship and it warms my heart. You can tell Celine is very interested in her – she always looks at Louise if she’s in the area and grins away – and Louise likes to help with anything relating to Celine. She’ll wipe her nose, talk to her, wash her during bathtime, try to put lotion on her…whatever she can. I’m really hoping these two have a good relationship.
8.29.14 Buddies 8.29.14 Buddies2


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