Celine: Six months

What a lady! A RED-HAIRED lady!! So excited to see that red hair coming in!DSC_0001

  • Clothes: Mostly six month stuff. Some 6-9 month things, and one 9 month Kissy Kissy footed pajama. She, just like Louise, is really long in the body but takes a while to catch up in the arms. Carters brand is the best to gauge growth in my opinion – she’s firmly in their six month onesies.
  • Diapers: Size 3. They seem a little big after moving up from the 2’s but I think the 2’s were just a little too tight. She hasn’t had any leakage since moving up so I think it was time.
  • Food: Breastmilk and formula. Proud of myself again – I made it to six months with nursing! I typically nurse her when she wakes up and before she goes to bed, and then she takes 2 bottles of breast milk and 1 bottle of formula at school. Pumping has become quite the issue at work though – scheduling is a nightmare and if I veer from my regular times my supply goes down pretty dramatically – so I’m toying with the idea of only nursing twice a day and feeding her formula the rest of the time. We’ll see what happens in the next few months. It would be emotionally tough for me to wean completely.
  • Sleep: Sleeping through the night! Though she tends to wake up if she gets cold. With Louise, she slept curled up on her tummy and didn’t really move, so using a blanket was an easy way to keep her warm. Celine is a crazy wiggler, so we have to get some of those armless sleep sacks for her.
  • Personality: She hasn’t really laughed yet – like a full-on giggle. She chortles and grins nonstop, but we still haven’t pulled a long giggle out of her. Although day care has said they’ve heard it, so we’re not too worried.

Right on schedule, she’s turning into the cutest, fun little baby. She’s still pretty easy in terms of hanging out on her own, but she does like being within eyeshot of one of us. When she’s on her play mat she’s flipping from back to tummy and back again. It’s only a matter of time before she’s sitting up on her own. She basically can now but gets distracted pretty easily.DSC_0002

She is OBSESSED with Nietzsche. When he strolls by she starts waving her arms wildly and grunting to get close to him. Of course he avoids her at all costs.DSC_0007

She is still the wiggliest. Even when nursing she’s kicking her feet, waving her hands around, and even trying to smile at me while nursing. She does this new thing now where she tries to sneak her two fingers in her mouth while nursing and suck on those too. I have to play goalie and she has some pretty funny evasive techniques…like the old “I’m-just-stretching-no-wait-my-fingers-are-going-in-my-mouth” move. Smooth.DSC_0010

Everything goes in her mouth these days…aggressively so. She is very jealous of us when we eat dinner. We’ve started feeding her baby food and she has taken to it immediately…no funny faces or refusals. I think she’s telling us she’s READY!

Six month stats:
Weight: 14lbs, 2oz (25 %ile)
Height: 26.25in (75 %ile)

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