What a fun week this has been!

Monday morning at 3am Mike woke up and told me he was having pretty serious stomach pains. In my sleepiness I thought it wasn’t a big deal, but he was so uncomfortable he couldn’t go back to sleep. He ended up laying on our guest bed in the morning while I got the girls ready for day care. He decided to go to a walk-in clinic just to get things checked out. The doctor poked and prodded and told him he thought it was his appendix, so he sent him to an imaging center for an ultrasound and cat scan.

The tests themselves took forever (he had to drink barium and then wait two hours), but they knew within five minutes of the results that it was appendicitis. He was instructed to go to the emergency room and get an appendectomy.

I was with him at this point (I’m a little shocked he drove to the imaging center actually), so we drove to Presbyterian and were admitted. Of course things don’t move at lightning speeds at hospitals, so we arrived around 4pm but didn’t get the appendectomy until 8pm.

My parents, who are so amazing in general but particularly in crises, picked up the girls from day care and my mom stayed at our house that night.

The surgery went smoothly and Mike was out of recovery and in his room for the night around 10:30-11pm.

Neither of us slept a ton that night in the hospital, and after getting the surgeon’s ok and keeping his breakfast down, we were discharged around noon on Tuesday. Mike was pretty out of it for the rest of the day, so I tended to him while catching up on work. This was Mike’s first surgery/time being put under/major health anything in his adult life, so I was interested in how he was going to handle it. So far he’s been great. Nietzsche is thrilled to have a snooze buddy.

My parents brought the girls home from day care, cooked us dinner, and put them to bed (SO great). They even primed Louise by telling him daddy has a big owie on his tummy, and she was proud to recite that to us. She was a little confused why Mike couldn’t wrestle with her but she did a good job. Mike and I collapsed into bed and had a pretty good night.

I was planning to go into work on Wednesday, but it just didn’t work out. Mike’s mom drove in to help, but she didn’t get in until 11ish. By the time I had the girls ready for day care it would have been weird – I would have had to drop Louise off during nap time which is super tricky. I decided to keep them home, which made for a long day. Not having your spouse available to even hold a baby for a bit is a change I was not prepared for!

Things are better today – both girls are at day care and Mike’s pain is getting better. Plus Mike’s dad is coming in tomorrow so we should have a good weekend, considering. I’m so grateful that Mike went to the doctor, that the appendix didn’t burst, that the surgery went perfectly, and that we have such an awesome support system of family and friends.


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