First Fall Weekend

A cold front blew through Dallas late last week and finally provided us with some lovely fall weather. It really blew though…we had a crazy quick storm with winds of 70+ mph, and trees were down everywhere. Our power was out for about a day and a half, but it turned back on Friday afternoon – just in time for a fun weekend!

Saturday we decided to go to the Lake Highlands Oktoberfest. It was within walking distance of our house – literally down the street – and we thought it would be good to get the girls out. Of course in typical baby fashion, Celine had a blowout right as we were putting them in the stroller to leave. It was pretty epic…but we changed all of her clothes, washed our hands and were on our way!
1 - Stroller

I really liked it. It had a small-town feel going on which of course I’m used to, growing up in Coppell. There were beverages for adults and lots of bounce houses for the kids. Louise actually made it into a bounce house before quickly changing her mind. She did enjoy the food – french fries, sausages, and ice cream.
2 - Walking 3 - Ice Cream 1 4 - Ice Cream 2

Celine was content people-watching for most of the afternoon, but she started getting a little fussy toward the end and I knew she needed to take a nap. I also knew the easiest way to get her to sleep was to nurse her. I was super apprehensive about it – we were in a MAJORLY public place – but it worked out well and of course she went right to sleep.
5 - Sleeping

We stayed in that night and Mike grilled fajitas, which were delicious.

On Sunday we had our neighborhood Fall Festival, which was basically a big block party.

We invited my parents for some quality grandkid time. A street was blocked off and they had a bunch of carnival games and a bounce house for the kids, food, and booze for the grownups. They had a keg and a margarita machine but for some reason we ended up drinking whiskey and cokes…hmm.
6 - block

Louise spotted the face painting when we were getting our group photo and was VERY interested. I was surprised that she would a) wait in line for twenty minutes to get it and b) sit quietly and not fidget, but she did. Yay butterfly!
7 - face1 8 - face2 9 - face3

Celine was an angel as usual, and started getting a little fussy toward the end so I ran back to our house to grab a bottle (and change shirts – definitely too hot for long sleeves). She passed out in my mom’s hands right after eating. Success!
10 - celine

It was nice to hang with our neighbors and get a feel for the neighborhood. I definitely think we are going to love it – TONS of kids of all ages, really nice parents, and of course block parties with all-you-can-drink whiskey! šŸ˜›


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