Sick lady

Celine’s had a bit of congestion for about a week now, and just recently she’s started acting a little fussier than usual (meaning: barely fussy). Just to be sure, we took her to the doctor.
10.8.14 Doc1

Sure enough…double ear infection. Now she knows how Louise feels. At least she’s good at taking selfies, even when sick.

10.8.14 Doc2

I picked the girls up a little early and took them home. Louise was being a terror – trying to “play” with Celine by throwing her body over the top of her repeatedly and forcing her to lie down with her – so I turned on some Mickey. I decided to try sitting Celine up and, lo and behold, she sat up for about 15 minutes. She’d occasionally tip one way or the other but quickly learned to stable herself. I was a little surprised…I guess now she can sit?
10.8.14 Sitting1 10.8.14 Sitting2

Good parenting 101:
10.18.14 Sitting3


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