Just Hanging Around

Lately, Mike and I have realized that we’re kind of…burnt out? Can you be burnt out of your everyday life? It was a weird realization, but we were getting fussy over a number of little and big things and just realized…man, we need a break. We have been all-systems-go for the better part of this year, and we just need some time that’s…boring. Where nobody gets sick, no cars break down, no babies are born or houses are renovated, where we just do our own thing. I think we’re asking for two weeks – can someone give us two weeks of REGULAR? Let us know where we should send the bill.

Here are the most recent activities contributing to our stress levels: following Mike’s appendectomy, I got sick. Louise got sick with what I had. Then our power went out, twice, for extended periods of time. Then I got sick again, with mastitis. Which effectively ended my career as milk provider to the princess lady, aka Celine. Then Celine got sick with double ear infections. Then our nice car’s battery died.

This isn’t a FEEL SORRY FOR US post (although it definitely has that vibe). It’s mostly acknowledging that being an adult and a parent is nonstop, exhausting work. Dealing with children while Mike couldn’t pick them up and I was sick was a humbling experience, to say the least. We are majorly looking forward to 2015, when we can take a day off of work if we get sick or plan a vacation and actually use vacation days.

We have our five-year anniversary coming up in a couple of weeks, and my parents have offered to take both girls the entire weekend. I think that’s going to be a great start to our recharging. We have some delicious dinners planned and will try to get a few fun things done around the house, probably go see a movie, and definitely go to a brunch or two. But we’ll also just do nothing, in our pajamas, around the house, without our girls. Which I will feel guilty about because I know I’ll enjoy it so much.

Luckily we’ve still had some pretty great times amid the chaos:
10.13.14 Pic6 10.13.14 Pic7 10.13.14 Pic8 10.13.14 Pic9 10.13.14 Pic10 10.13.14 Pic11 10.13.14 Pic1 10.13.14 Pic2 10.13.14 Pic3 10.13.14 Pic4 10.13.14 Pic5



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