Celine: Seven months

For some reason, this one is hitting me a bit harder than usual. MAH BABY!!

  • Clothes: Six month clothing, with some 6-9 month stuff. Gap’s 6-12 month pants are still way too big. She’s tall but slim.
  • Diapers: Size 3
  • Food: We’ve just transitioned from breastfeeding to total formula feeding, which has been an adjustment (for me, not her). My supply dwindled drastically when I got the virus+mastitis, and I’ve been trying to keep it up but it’s just not happening. I can’t even produce one feeding after not nursing for a day, so I decided that we’re moving on. It makes everything much easier – no pumping at work, anyone can feed her, etc – but it does feel like the end of her infant-ness and her shift into being a baby. She also eats one jar of baby food per day. The funny thing is that when we made the transition from breast milk to formula, she gained over a pound in three weeks! She went from 14 pounds, six ounces to 15 pounds, 13 ounces!
  • Sleep: Still sleeping through the night like a champion. She’s in bed between 6:30-645pm, and sleeps until 7:00-7:15am. She also takes two naps a day…so she’s transitioned from being awake for two hours to more like three.
  • Personality: She’s still such a happy baby. She never fusses, to the point where I know if she’s making noise she’s either hungry, tired, or sick. Otherwise she’s contentedly hanging out, doing her own thing. She’s also incredibly patient with Louise, and smiles and laughs when Louise gives her attention. She had her first real illness this month – a double ear infection. She’s been so good about taking her medicine (Louise was very confused why there was medicine in the house and she wasn’t taking it), and just over the weekend I noticed she seems back to normal.
  • Schedule: Wake up around 7am, 6oz bottle, get dressed, watch big sister Louise eat breakfast, go to school around 8:15am. Take 2-3 6oz bottles at day care, one jar of baby food (usually sweet potatoes or peas), and nap 2-3 times (her napping is more sporadic at day care). Get picked up around 5:40pm. Jump in the bath at 6pm, get lotioned and dressed, 6oz bottle, in bed between 6:30-6:45!
  • Milestones: She’s started sitting up, but it’s still pretty wobbly. She’s getting better day by day, but we still sit close to her in case she topples over. One of the day care women made a comment yesterday that made me really nervous and sad (Her: “How old is she? Seven months? Because she’s acting like she’s just learning how to sit up.” Me: “She is.” Her: “…”). Of course there’s no reason to worry but UGH. She’s also pushing up on her hands and I’ve seen her get on her knees too…I can’t think about having a crawling baby! Wait a couple more months please!!



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