It’s quite the understatement to say there’s a panic around Ebola in Dallas. People are for real freaking out, and one of the issues Mike and I are working through is the fact that our two girls are at the hospital’s day care. That in and of itself isn’t that big of a deal in my opinion (it’s a separate building, separate staff, etc), but they do have about twenty hospital workers who bring their children to the center. “To their knowledge,” nobody who has been in contact with any Ebola patients have children at the center, but…it’s a bit too close to home, you know?

There are many parents at our office who bring their children to this day care, and a couple of them have pulled their children. Our boss – Stan Richards himself – has also made an announcement that we are allowed to work from home to keep our children from going to day care. Mike and I are struggling with balance: do we take a deep breath and not overreact, or do we take extra steps to ensure our children are as safe as possible?

I’m still on the side that it’s a little panicky to pull our children, but as each day passes I’m less confident of that decision. We might spend a week or so tag-teaming taking care of our children at home. I can’t imagine how I would feel if Ebola made it to the day care.


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