Guest post: Celine

Hi guys. My mom is letting me post about my life right now and I’m absolutely going to take this opportunity. There’s so much happening and she just doesn’t do it justice.

First of all, she mentioned that I’m sitting up, but what she doesn’t mention is that I’m really good at it. I can sit everywhere…even the seat on the shopping cart at Target. Obviously this causes a stir with the employees but I play it cool because duh, if I got excited every time someone thought I was cute I would just be exhausted.
10.20.14 Celine sitting 2 10.20.14 Celine sitting 3 10.20.14_Celine sitting 4 10.20.14 Celine sitting 1

In fact, I’m so good at sitting that I’m working on the next big thing – getting up on my hands and knees. I know from watching Louise that being mobile is where it’s at, so I’ve got to get to crawling ASAP.
10.20.14 Celine hands and knees 2 10.20.14 Celine hands and knees

Mom and dad pulled Louise and I from school this week, so it’s basically like one long vacation. The only problem is I am sick…I may have thrown up twice all over mom this morning. Still no reason to take photos of me in my birthday suit. *Annoyed*
10.20.14 Celine bath time

Speaking of annoyed…I have a bossy older sister who’s always up in my business. I love it…actually, I hate it…no, I love it. Ugh I just don’t know yet – get back to me in a couple of years.
10.20.14 Celine and Louise


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